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About us

“We are intentional about being a part of the growth and development process in the lives of those we serve and connect with daily.”

our pastors:

Welcome to The Life


Thank you for joining us here at Perfecting Life Global Ministries. We are grateful that you have taken this moment to visit us and it is our prayer that we can serve as a means of growth and change. Here at The Life we are being Transformed daily into Jesus follower's who Love God, Love People and serve the World thus EMPOWERING you to boldly live a life full of purpose.



Karissa and I pray that you will encounter the overwhelming goodness of God that leads to a life filled with joy and peace. We are children of God and it is His good pleasure to bless us.



While we know that life has its struggles, be reminded of this promise. If God is for us, He is more than the world against us. We love you and as we say here, We're Perfecting Life as we know it.

Brian & Karissa Johnson
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